Mining exploration & support 

BAC Helicopters has, for more than a decade, specialized in aerial support of the Mining Exploration Industry. Proven operational success in some of the most remote areas in East and Central Africa has established BAC’s reputation as an industry leader in this field.

With drilling, mining, surveying and mapping taking place throughout inaccessible regions of Africa, the versatility and unique capabilities of a helicopter has resulted in it being an indispensable tool in this industry.

A major function performed by helicopters in this application, is external load slinging of equipment and supplies; a highly specialized task requiring comprehensive risk assessment, skill and coordination between all crew members involved in each operation.

Understanding that cost, timing and reliability is of the utmost importance to our clients; with BAC’s highly experienced and knowledgeable team, exploration logistics support operations are always conducted safely and efficiently.

Some of the key functions performed by the helicopter in supporting an exploration operation:


  • Crew Transport Logistics
  • Positioning/Re-positioning of Equipment
  • Core Sample Logistics
  • Supplies Replenishment Logistics
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Security Support



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