humanitarian aid

Emergency humanitarian aid – rapid response

When people in remote and inaccessible areas need emergency evacuation or supplies of food, medicines and other essentials – a helicopter is often the fastest and most efficient way of delivering humanitarian aid .

BAC Helicopters has a proven track record of responding with urgency when lives are at stake. We deliver humanitarian aid from the air, both within South Africa and outside our borders. 

Humanitarian Aid

Diverse fleet stands ready to provide humanitarian aid

With our diverse fleet of helicopters, BAC Helicopters can supply the best solution for the mission at hand – from flying in emergency relief supplies (food and medical supplies) or relief/medical personnel, to evacuating those whose lives are at risk.

We have the skill and equipment to transport sick and injured individuals safely and rapidly to hospitals, and to rescue people from floods, runaway bush fires, mudslides and rockfalls.

In any emergency, you can count on BAC Helicopters to go the extra mile whenever lives are at stake. Our commitment to good citizenship means that our team is not merely your aerial support service provider of choice, but a trusted partner in your rescue mission.

Some of the humanitarian aid missions undertaken by BAC Helicopters:


  • Transportation of medical supplies and personnel (doctors, nurses and relief aid workers) to remote or inaccessible areas.
  • Transportation of food and basic supplies to remote/inaccessible areas.
  • Evacuation of people in distress from remote or inaccessible areas.
  • Surveying and assessment of disaster stricken areas, e.g. floods.
  • Surveying and providing chemical-control by aerial spraying of pests causing damage to food crops.
Humanitarian aid



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