Aerial fire-fighting

Every year across South Africa, runaway bush fires endanger the lives of people, livestock and wildlife, and destroy millions of rands worth of homes and buildings, crops and forest plantations.

When fires driven by high winds rage across vast areas of grasslands, woodlands and forests, fire-fighting on the ground is exhausting, dangerous and often ineffective.


Role of helicopters in fire-fighting

Owing to their agility and maneuverability, helicopters have a vital role to play in helping to control and extinguish runaway fires from the air. Man and machine work tirelessly to extinguish flames before it is too late.


High Risk Regions

For a number of years, BAC Helicopters has successfully provided aerial fire-fighting services through-out the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. Suitably equipped helicopters and skilled pilots, are stationed in high risk regions to be on standby for the duration of the 3 to 4 month fire season.

With our diverse fleet of helicopters, BAC can offer various solutions to suit specific aerial fire-fighting requirements;


  • MD500E equipped with a 500 litre capacity Bambi Bucket.
  • Airbus H125 B2equipped with an 800 litre capacity Bambi Bucket.
  • Bell 206L-4 equipped with an 800 litre capacity Bambi Bucket.
  • BK117-850D2 equipped with a 1200 litre capacity Bambi Bucket.

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aerial fire-fighting

Dramatic footage of our fire-fighting helicopter in action, extinguishing a runaway bush fire.

What causes bushfires?

The devastating bushfires that burned across Australia at the beginning of 2020  were attributed to a combination of record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought.

Hot and windy conditions literally add fuel to the fire – as experienced in South Africa when devastating fires raged across Table Mountain and along the Garden Route.

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aerial fire-fighting



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