Sling Loads

Helicopter sling loads

Helicopter sling load operations are an efficient means of moving and positioning large, heavy items, e.g. mining machinery or building elements,  in areas where surface accessibility presents a challenge.

It is not uncommon for helicopters, suitably equipped with a cargo hook, to lift, move and reposition items externally for operational convenience and safety reasons.

BAC Helicopters has extensive experience in external sling load operations, particularly in executing mining support contracts in remote African locations.

piloting helicopter sling loads

Helicopter pilot operating sling load.

Highest standards of safety

To ensure the highest standards of safety, external sling load operations undertaken by BAC Helicopters are carefully managed in accordance with our internal Safety Management System and Quality Control System.

Moving loads via an external helicopter sling is a highly specialised task necessitating comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation measures to prevent accidents. BAC Helicopters pilots and all crew members operate according to strict standard safety procedures at all times.


helicopter sling loads

Ground crew

Well-briefed ground crew at both the pick-up and drop-off points is crucial to the safe execution of a helicopter swing load operation. We ensure that each member of the team has an in-depth understanding of:


  • Marshalling signals – in order to communicate with the pilot and other crew members in a noisy environment
  • The hook and its release mechanism
  • The performance and manoeuvering capability of the helicopter within the operating area
  • The effect of the wind and weather conditions on the helicopter and load

Helicopter sling loads: training and inspections

BAC Helicopters ensures a high standard of training, and re-current training is maintained for all pilots and crew members.

In addition, our lifting equipment is thoroughly inspected and re-certified as required to ensure its suitability and reliability for the task at hand.

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helicopter sling loads being placed in position



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