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The BK117-850D2 helicopter is a light, twin-engine, utility transport helicopter known for its robustness and reliability. This versatile helicopter can be adapted to suit a host of applications, including fire-fighting, emergency medical services (EMS), passenger transport, onshore / offshore oil & gas support, lifting and survey work. 

  • Engine: Honeywell LTS101-850B-2 (Multi-Turbine)
  • 9 Passenger seats
  • Cruise speed: 130kts
  • Range: 280nm*
  • Maximum External Load: 1550kg**
Airbus H125 b2

The H125 B2 is renowned for its superior performance, reliability and safety. This helicopter is used for VIP charter, long line slinging, firefighting and geophysical survey. The comfortable open cabin afford all passengers excellent forward visibility from every seat.

• Engine: Turbomeca Arriel 1D1 (Turbine)
• 5 Passenger seats
• Cruise speed: 115kts
• Range: 280nm*
• Maximum External Load: 900kg**


The EC130 B4 is a modern, high performance single engine helicopter, incorporating the latest in rotorcraft technology in its design. The ultra-quiet fenestron tail reduces external noise generation by as much as 50% compared with a conventional tail rotor. The wide-body cabin offers superior passenger comfort and visibility.

• Engine: Turbomeca Arriel 2B1 (Turbine)
• 6 Passenger seats
• Cruise speed: 115kts
• Range: 300nm*
• Maximum External Load: 1000kg**

bell longranger iv

The Bell 206L-4 LongRanger is well proven in the helicopter industry, known for its versatility, safety and ease of operation. This helicopter suits a wide range of applications, including corporate/VIP transport, long line slinging, offshore (emergency floats can be installed) and emergency medical services. The large cabin can be configured with club seating or alternatively a medical kit with a stretcher can be installed.

• Engine: Rolls-Royce RR250-C30P (Turbine)
• 6 Passenger seats
• Cruise speed: 115kts
• Range: 280nm*
• Maximum External Load: 900kg**

md helicopters 500e

The MD500E helicopter has stood the test of time and delivers the highest speed, payload and productivity in its class. This helicopter suits light utility missions, such as wildlife services, crop spraying, long ling slinging, fire-fighting and security surveillance. The five-bladed main rotor system offers excellent stability and responsiveness. The rear seats can be removed to create an open load deck area for carriage of cargo.

• Engine: Rolls-Royce RR250-C20B (Turbine)

• 3 Passenger seats
• Cruise speed: 130kts
• Range: 280nm*
• Maximum External Load: 600kg**

Robinson R66

The Robinson R66 is a comfortable, reliable and economical helicopter. This helicopter is suited to VIP passenger transport and limited light utility missions. The R66 has a spacious passenger cabin with great all-round visibility for passengers as well as a large capacity baggage compartment.

• Engine: Rolls-Royce RR300 (Turbine)
• 4 Passenger seats
• Cruise speed: 110kts
• Range: 300nm*
• Maximum External Load: 500kg**

Robinson r44

The Robinson R44 is one of the most popular helicopters in the world and offers a low cost, safe and reliable option to those looking to take to the skies by helicopter. This well balanced helicopter is capable of performing a number of tasks from flight training, to passenger carriage, agricultural crop spraying and aerial surveillance work.

• Engine: Lycoming O/IO-540
• 3 Passenger seats
• Cruise speed: 95kts
• Range: 250nm*

• Maximum External Load: 250kg**

Robinson r22

The two-seat R22 Beta II helicopter is a proven workhorse that has delivered exceptional performance in a variety of applications for over thirty years. The R22 is the most popular helicopter used for training in the world. It is also used for aerial surveillance, agricultural applications and aerial photography.

• Engine: Lycoming O-360
• 1 Passenger seats
• Cruise speed: 75kts
• Range: 200nm*


*Range indicated is under ideal circumstances and could vary depending on aircraft loading and prevailing weather conditions.

**Maximum External Load indicated could vary depending on density altitude and prevailing weather conditions.



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