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Capture stunning aerial photography shots and film footage

Aerial photography is a specialist niche requiring knowledgeable and skilled pilots, working hand in hand with the photographer to achieve the best possible results.

BAC Helicopters’ experienced pilots have a well earned and excellent reputation in this highly specialised field. They know how to maximise the unique capabilities of a helicopter to deliver highly effective results in both still photography and film footage – making BAC Helicopters the first choice for a number of well known aerial phtographers.

Relationships between pilots and photographers are built over time. Our pilots work with the photographer to ensure they have a clear understanding of the end result and how to achieve it. Aircraft type and pilots are carefully selected for each specific operation in order to maximize the benefit and service to the client.


aerial photography

Capturing the thrill of stamina sports through aerial photography

Helicopter footage of a variety of endurance races and sporting events across the country – including long distance running, paddling, mountain biking and motor-biking – has put BAC Helicopters at the forefront of this growing market.

We routinely provide aerial services to professional photographers covering the Comrades Marathon, Dusi Canoe Race, Sani 2 C MTB, Karkloof Classic MTB, etc.

Well established as a professional operator, BAC Helicopters has developed relationships with a number of high-profile film crews as well as with the key event co-ordination companies.

With up to seven helicopters operating in varying roles for each event, from filming to race security to rescue, a proficient and skillful ground crew work hand-in-glove with the pilots to be in the right place at the right time to ensure a slick turnaround with re-fuelling and re-loading. BAC Heliccopters’ team has the logistics down to a fine art.

Fundamental to our reputation for the safe, reliable and on-time supply of aerial photography services is our well-maintained fleet and experienced pilots.

Contact us for cost-effective and responsive solutions for all your filming needs.

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aerial photography
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