Aerial surveying

Numerous industries rely on aerial surveying

Mining exploration, forestry, marine, environmental conservation and urban development are just some of the industries that rely on information obtained via aerial surveying.

Surveying, and the applications of the material gathered, is vast field employing a diverse range of surveying equipment and vehicles. Within this range, the helicopter offers unique capabilities that cannot be matched by any other means.


Agility and manoeverability

Consider a helicopter’s ability to fly at any height between 10 ft and 10’000 ft, at any speed between 0 and 100kts, and to follow the terrain with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

No wonder this king of awkward spots is the perfect vehicle for survey flying!


BAC Helicopters’ aerial surveying work

Our work ranges from LiDar mapping, change/development over time, power line inspections, pipe line inspections, infrastructure mapping/inspections, wildlife census, development progress, land surveying, stockpiling and much more.

aerial surveying

LiDAR Mapping

LiDAR which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is an airborne system that uses pulsating laser light to examine the surface of the Earth.

Combined with other data recorded by the system – these laser pulses generate precise, three-dimensional maps.

LiDAR systems allow scientists and mapping professionals to examine both natural and man made environments with accuracy, precision, and flexibility.

It is also one of the most cost-effective ways of collecting topographical elevation data over large areas. One of the biggest advantages of LiDAR over classic Photogrammetic methods is the speed at which a huge amount of highly accurate data can be measured, processed and delivered to the client. Days of LiDAR survey replace weeks of Photogrammetic observation, and an accurate surface model can be produced within 24 to 48 hours of a survey flight.

Even in the age of drones, the helicopter’s superior endurance, ability to fly at greater heights and within restricted airspaces, secures its place in this specialised market.

In addition, there are many instances when skilled personnel need to be involved in the process. Helicopters are able to carry survey engineers and specialist camera operators above the area concerned, allowing them valuable insight into the terrain.

aerial surveying



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