Mining & Exploration Services

BAC helicopters specialise in the support of the Mining & Exploration industry. With proven operational success in some of the most remote areas in Africa, BAC has a proven track record and become an industry leader in this field.

With the steady increase in drilling, mining, aerial surveys and mapping throughout increasingly inaccessible regions of Africa, the versatility and unique capabilities of the helicopter, has made it indispensable in this industry.

Many clients have entrusted their helicopter logistical support to the expertise of BAC operations. Understanding that cost and timing is of the utmost importance to the client, and with highly experienced and knowledgeable pilots and crew, drill rig support, specialised mining aerial surveys and personnel transport operations, are always conducted in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

Long Line/Vertical Reference Slinging

A major part of operating in the jungle is External Loading Operations, a highly specialised task involving a much greater risk than normal operations and the BAC pilots follow strict operating procedures at all times.  For this reason a high standard of training and continual recurrent training is maintained for both air and ground crew and equipment is thoroughly checked in order to reduce the risk to a minimum. Ground personnel play a very important role within this operation and each stage is carefully planned and coordinated with a Marshall or Radio Operator, Hook-up man and labour at the pick up point and a Marshall or Radio Operator and labour at the drop-off point.  The ground crew are well briefed prior to the operation on the marshalling signals, the hook and its release mechanism, the performance and expected manoeuvring of the helicopter within the operating area and the effect of the wind or weather conditions on the load and aircraft performance. All crew are versed in emergency procedures, engine failure with a load attached, static electrical discharge and fire and crash drills.

Risk Assessment

BAC prides itself on an incident-free track record and in providing customers with a personalised service that includes a support network designed to ensure that each project is completed safely and efficiently.

An on-site risk assessment is always conducted before operations begin. A safe environment is essential to professional and effective operations. All personnel involved are thoroughly briefed to ensure effective communication on site and their various responsibilities. BAC’s SMS (Safety Management System) and Quality Control System ensure the highest standards of safety and equipment are always adhered to.

Fleet Tracking

All operational aircraft are equipped with fleet tracking equipment, which allows BAC to provide its clients with real-time feedback on where the helicopter is operating at any given time. All parties involved can track the helicopter’s progress online for each flight undertaken. Position is recorded every few minutes along with important flight data such as time, heading, speed, altitude etc.

Helicopter fleet tracking

Current operations

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Helicopter Mining Services

  • Long Line Reference (Vertical Lifting) / Slinging
  • Mining Aerial Surveys
  • Core Sampling / Soil Sampling
  • Magnetic Survey (EM)
  • Drill Rig Moving Operations
  • Personnel and Cargo Transport
  • VIP Transportation
  • Utility Operations
  • Evacuation Support