International Students

Why South Africa?

Whether you are just starting out in aviation or are looking to hour-build or improve your skills, South Africa, and especially Durban, can offer you flying conditions unrivalled in most countries around the world. With a golden coastline, the warm Indian Ocean and the majestic Drakensberg mountains within easy reach and with perfect flying weather almost year-round, it’s a great place to travel and learn to fly. A busy international airport lies on our doorstep our location and topography will more than equip you to cope with the challenges that you may encounter back home.

The Costs

The quality of training in South Africa is considered to be one of the best in the world and South African pilots are always in great demand in the industry, a testament to their professional training. The South African Rand/ Dollar or Rand/Euro exchange rate is extremely favourable to international students and enables them to noticeably reduce the cost of flying compared to other countries.

Please contact our Chief Flight Instructor, Lucy Erasmus, at for the current Course Fees to compare our rates but also feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirements and we may be able to package a deal that could save you a substantial amount of money.


Converting your Licence to that of your Home Country

Once you have completed your training, you will hold a South African PPL or CPL. If you plan to fly in SA, you will need to arrange a work Visa. If you plan to return to your home country to fly, you will need to convert your licence. Check your country’s CAA website under section 61 to find the requirements for this conversion. All of your flying hours will count, but you will likely need to write exams.

In most cases, it will involve the following but may be more stringent:

  • Meet the minimum hour requirement for the State’s equivalent.
  • Medical Certificate Class I or II
  • Air Law Exam PPL/CPL
  • Flight Planning Exam PPL/CPL
  • Meteorology Exam PPL/CPL
  • Orientation flight time at a local ATO
  • Practical Flight Test

Visa Requirements for International Students

International students will require a Study Visa valid for the duration.



Accommodation and living expenses are relatively inexpensive due to the favourable exchange and we have some preferred local B&B’s and Air B&B’s close to the airport. We will assist in placing you in the accommodation best suited to your needs.



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