International Students


Why South Africa?

Whether you are just starting out in aviation or are looking to hour-build or improve your skills, South Africa, and especially Durban, can offer you flying conditions unrivalled in most countries around the world. With a golden coastline, the warm Indian Ocean and the majestic Drakensberg mountains within easy reach and with perfect flying weather almost year-round, it’s a great place to travel and learn to fly.
A busy international airport lies on our doorstep our location and topography will more than equip you to cope with the challenges that you may encounter back home.

The Costs

The quality of training in South Africa is considered to be one of the best in the world and South African pilots are always in great demand in the industry, a testament to their professional training. The South African Rand/ Dollar exchange rate enables students to potentially reduce the cost of flyingcompared to other countries.

Please have a look at our Course Fees section and compare our rates but also feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirements and we may be able to package a deal that could save you a substantial amount of money.

Visa Requirements

We use a professional Visa Company, Bunnyhop ([email protected]) to assist you with your student visa application. They will come to the school, help you to complete all of the forms and follow the application right through to completion. Before you leave your home country, you will need a copy of your birth certificate, a valid passport, a standard tourist visa, a bank statement or letter confirming available finance and a police clearance certificate.

Once in South Africa, the application will entail:
• A South African Medical and Chest X-Ray report (same as for CAA medical requirement).
• SA Police clearance fingerprints.
• A Form and letter from the flying school stating date of enrolment and duration of course.
• A letter from the B&B or rental agency stating local address for duration of stay.
• 2 Colour passport photographs.
• Certified copy of passport.
• An Application form – BI – 1738 and 1740 to be completed.
• Power of Attorney form.
• A refundable deposit for repatriation guarantee (one way ticket home).
• A signed declaration.


Accommodation is relatively inexpensive and we have some preferred local B&B’s and communal house arrangements. We will help in placing you in the accommodation best suited to your needs. We can also provide initial transport to and from the training facility if required.

Converting Your Overseas Helicopter Licence

Private Pilot Licence

• Produce overseas licence, logbook and have a current South African class 2 medical.
• Pass an SA CAA Air Law written examination.
• Pass the SACAA Meteorology and Flight Planning examinations.
• Provided you meet our SACAA minimum criteria, successfully pass the practical flight test.
• Pass SACAA English Language Proficiency Test if English is not a first language.
• Complete application form and pay the relevant SACAA fee.

Commercial Pilot Licence

• Complete a SACAA Class 1 medical
• Produce your valid overseas CPL licence and logbook.
• Meet minimum flight experience requirements for SACAA CPL (H)
• Meet SACAA minimum criteria for knowledge tests for CPL (H).
• Pass an SA CAA Air Law and Procedures examination.
• Pass the SACAA Meteorology and Flight Planning examinations.
• Successfully complete Commercial flight test with flight instructor (DFE)
• Pass English Language Proficiency Test.
• Complete application form and pay the relevant SACAA fee.
• Meet SA labour law requirements to be eligible to work in South Africa.