Wildlife Management 

Helicopter Wildlife Management

Monitoring, herding, darting and protecting wildlife from the air is an effective and efficient conservation tool.

We have a long-standing partnership with a group of passionate and experienced wildlife conservationists at Heligistix, to provide helicopter wildlife management services throughout South Africa and beyond.

Heligistix holds an independent Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC No: CAA/N1345D). Collectively our partnership results in a well balanced approach to the use of helicopters in the wildlife conservation industry.

Experienced game capture pilots

With our team of highly experienced game capture pilots, Heligistix specialises in helicopter wildlife management services, throughout Southern Africa.

Based in the heart of Zululand, at Hluhluwe, South Africa, we operate a fleet of four dedicated Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters for game work, servicing the needs of the industry. By drawing from the BAC Helicopters fleet we have the capacity to offer additional helicopters or larger types as the demand arises.

helicopter wildlife management

Helicopter wildlife management services offered by Heligistix include:


  • Mass capture (herding)
  • Chemical capture (darting)
  • Game count/census
  • Anti-poaching
    • Surveillance
    • Emergency response
    • Guard positioning
helicopter wildlife management

Helicopter Wildlife Management Projects


We are proud to have played a role in various significant African conservation projects, such as ‘500 Elephants’, carried out by African Parks during 2016 and 2017, which involved the translocation of five hundred of these massive animals to a new home within Malawi. Heligistix provided the helicopter capture service for this hugely successful project.

A significant portion of the work carried out by Heligistix revolves around rhino conservation. On a daily basis we play a supporting role to the wildlife conservation industry, in the fight to save this endangered species from the slippery slope towards extinction.

 It is a privilege and gives us great satisfaction to work with and support, some of the most renowned and respected conservationists of our time. Heligistix is committed to our ongoing service to wildlife

helicopter wildlife management



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