Helicopter Training Licence and Lessons Cost

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How much does it cost to become a pilot in South Africa?

If you are looking for the most economical Helicopter pilot training cost in South Africa, BAC Helicopters provide everything you need to get started, with no hidden fees. 
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What is needed – Prices available on request


Helicopter PPL

PPL Subjects: All books & Equipment1
Intro Lecture: Basic Aerodynamics & Pre-Flight1
Medical (Class 2)1
Chest X-Ray1
SPL (Student Pilot Licence) Application1
Exam Writing Fee (Online Exam Centre)7
Radio Course and Practical Exam1
Radio Written Exam1
English Proficiency Test0
**Flying Hours R22 (Minimum 50hrs by Law)50
PPL (Private Pilot Licence) Application1

Additional things to think about 

Flying Hours R22 – The law states a minimum of 50 hours of ab-initio training for a Helicopter PPL. In reality, the average time to complete the syllabus is between 60 and 80hrs. (eg. 60hrs)10
Lecture Fees – BAC offers ground school courses on a regular basis. These lectures are not compulsory but are recommended. Lecture fees at POA per hour are divided by the number of students attending. One on one sessions are also offered.30
Exam Writing Fees – There is no limit to the number of attempts to pass each subject. All other attempts are subject to the R170 exam writing fee.3


PPL Hours60
R44 Conversion5
Night Rating: Simulator (Basic Instrument Flying)5
Night Rating: Helicopter (Basic Instrument Flying)5
Night Rating: Night Flying & Cross-Country5
Textbooks for 8 Subjects1
Exam Writing Fees (Online Exam Centre)8
Additional Flying Hours R22 (Hire & Fly rates apply)100
Additional Hours R44 Hire & Fly10
Test prep and additional advanced Dual training R4410
Class 1 Medical1
General Radio Practical Test1
CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) Application1



The minimum total number of flying hours required for a Commercial Licence is 200, of which a minimum of 100hrs must be flown as Pilot in Command (PIC). A maximum of 20 hrs may be flown in an approved FSTD (Simulator). A reduced rate can be arranged with the flying school for a bulk number of hours bought for CPL hour-building.

Although it is not a requirement by law, it is highly recommended that a Commercial Pilot qualifies with a R44 Conversion and a Night Rating as this is the expected industry minima in order to obtain employment.
There are a number of other options that can be included in the CPL hour-building, such as:
★  A Turbine Conversion (5 to 10hrs dual instruction).   
★  An Instrument Rating (a further 15hrs dual instruction in the aircraft).  
★  An Instructor’s Rating (20hrs dual instructors patter in the aircraft).