Desert Locust Spraying

Desert Locust Spraying

BAC Helicopters operates the largest desert locust spraying helicopter fleet in Africa. Our professional team and comprehensively equipped helicopters are available for ad-hoc or long term contract deployment, at relatively short-notice.

The Desert Locust outbreak in East Africa during 2020 resulted in a threat to food security and an emergency humanitarian crisis in the region. BAC Helicopters was tasked to provide desert locust survey and control operations in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, by a prominent global NGO, in support of relief efforts in these countries. Locust spraying is a highly specialised service and our demonstrated performance and success in this field is what sets BAC Helicopters apart from other helicopter operators. Our locust spraying teams have gained invaluable experience and honed their skills in this specialised industry, ensuring that we get the job done efficiently and effectively.

No matter where you are located in the world, we will come to you. Please contact us for more information on how our experienced crew and ULV equipped helicopters can be of assistance to you.

Helicopter Types Equipped for Survey/Spraying

  • Airbus As350B3+
  • Airbus As350B3+
  • Airbus As350B3
  • Bell Longranger L4
  • Bell Longranger L4

Helicopter Pilot Minimum Experience

  • 2500 Hrs Total Rotorwing Time
  • 500 Hrs Agricultural Operations
  • 100 Hrs Ulv Desert Locust Operations

Helicopter Navigation and Spray Equipment

  • Simplex / Isolair Spray Systems
  • Micronair Atomizers for ULV
  • Tracmap GPS Guidance System with Comprehensive Data Reporting
    1. Areas Treated
    2. Volumes Sprayed
    3. Spray Data Export Capability
  • Optional Auto-Flow Control Systems
  • Pesticide Loading Pumps and Supporting Equipment
  • Long Range Fuel Tanks for Extended Operations into Remote Areas
  • Emergency Field Supplies and Equipment Enabling Operations in Remote Areas
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