Crop Spraying 

Crop spraying

Protecting valuable commercial crops from harmful insects and diseases is essential – and crop spraying from the air is the most effective and efficient method of applying the necessary chemicals.

During 2017 BAC Helicopters joined forces with Agri-Sense International, leading consultants in the precision agriculture sector, to establish Agri-CropSpray, a highly professional aerial chemical application service provider.


Tailored crop spraying solutions

Our crop spraying services are tailored to suit each farmer’s unique preferences and requirements. With thousands of hours and hectares of crop spraying under their belts, our highly experienced pilots know how to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

Many of our pilots come from farming backgrounds; they have an innate understanding of farmers’ needs, and strive to deliver a service which exceeds all expectations.


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crop spraying
crop spraying

Latest Technology

BAC Helicopters are equipped with the latest TracMap precision guidance systems and Simplex spay units to ensure accuracy of application.

Using the latest technology in Farm Mapping and Geographical Information Systems to accurately map and determine field sizes for our clients, we provide farmers with the assurance that volume sprayed is exactly in-line with the chemical label specifications, calibrated correctly for each field.

Our ‘open book’ policy fosters a sense of team work and ensures a high level of trust is maintained between our Agri-CropSpray team, chemical suppliers and farmers. Solid relationships and team work are essential in this industry; honesty and integrity are paramount.

With our strong safety and quality culture coupled with our in-house BAC Maintenance operation supporting our fleet of helicopters, Agri-CropSpray is able to give assurance to our customers that we will deliver a reliable and efficient aerial spraying service.

crop spraying



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