The announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa during late March that South Africa would go into an unprecedented Lockdown to curb the spread of Corona Virus, disrupted the lives of almost every South African. Most businesses ground to a halt and uncertainty around what the future might hold became an eerie reality. Essential services to the functioning of the economy were permitted to continue and this included a number of services provided by BAC Helicopters.

 Our crop spraying division, Agri-Cropspray, was at the peak of the sugarcane spraying season and this team continued working tirelessly to ensure that the needs of the farming communities being serviced were met.     

Another essential service delivered by BAC Helicopters is stolen vehicle tracking and recovery. Despite the country being in a state of Lockdown, vehicle theft continued, albeit at a relatively subdued level. Our 24-hour vehicle tracking service out of Virginia Airport remained on standby 24/7 and responded to calls for assistance as and when received.

BAC Helicopters has implemented a Covid-19 protocol, approved by SACAA, through-out its helicopter operations, to mitigate the risk of the spread of the virus.