BAC Helicopters News.


Helicopter CPL and IR Ratings23Jun2015

Borris gets CPL with IR rating

22nd of March 2015 – A proud day for BAC and Adrian (Borris) Heckler, who completed a tough CPL Flight Test with Instrument Rating. Well done, Borris!

Helicopter pilot training22Jun2015

Louisa achieves PPL

12th of June 2015 – BAC is very proud of Louisa Rall who flew through her exams and the practical helicopter pilot training to get her PPL today.  

Stephen goes solo21Jun2015

Stephen goes solo

2nd of May – Stephen Lombard takes to the sky on his own in a Robinson 22. Great first solo flight!

Bac Helicopter training19Jun2015

Bruce and Louisa go solo

23rd of March 2015 - A big day for BAC with both Bruce Stramentov and Louisa Rall flying solo for the first time. Beautifully done in both cases.