BAC Maintenance

Based in Durban, South Africa, BAC Maintenance (Formerly BAC Aviation) is one of South Africa’s oldest AMOs. Established in 1982, BAC has an established track record of service, excellence and integrity as an approved helicopter maintenance company offering helicopter rebuilds, component overhauls, parts and sales.

BAC Maintenance teams are specialists in the provision of quality service on Robinson RH22, RH44, RH66, MD500 series, Schweizer/Hughes 300 series, AS350 Series and Bell Series helicopters.

BAC Maintenance are approved Robinson Helicopter Agents.

Robinson Helicopter Components
12 Year Inspections/2200 Hour Inspections:
• R22 & R44 Main Rotor Hub Assembly
• R22 & R44 Main Rotor Gearbox & Mast Assembly
• R22 Fanshaft and Bearing Assembly
• R22 & R44 Tail Rotor Assembly
• R22 & R44 Swashplate Assembly
• R22 & R44 Clutch Assembly
• R22 Tail Rotor Gearbox
• R22 & R44 Fanwheel Assembly



For more information, Contact:

Head Office – Angelique Phoenix – [email protected]za – 032 – 815 0671
Accountable Manager – Ryan Bogan – [email protected] – 083 320 9941
CEO – Tremayne Thompson – [email protected] – 083 778 2635

BAC Helicopter Maintenance