humanitarian aid

Helicopters play a pivotal role in the materials and logistics support to people and communities whose lives are at stake during times of need. BAC Helicopters has, over the years, demonstrated our ability to respond with urgency to calls for assistance, whether inside or outside the borders of South Africa. 

The versatility of the helicopter enables easy access to remote locations in order to provide critical relief during or following the occurrence of natural disaster. With our diverse fleet of helicopters, you can rest assured that BAC Helicopters will have the right tool for the mission at hand, be it the transportation of food and medical supplies, relief personnel or disaster victims.

At BAC Helicopters our mission extends beyond that of any aerial support service provider. Our deep rooted culture of good corporate citizenship sees to it that we go the extra mile to save lives.

Humanitarian aid missions include the following, to name a few:


  • Transportation of medical supplies and medical/aid workers to remote/inaccessible areas.
  • Transportation of food and basic supplies to remote/inaccessible areas.
  • Evacuation of people in distress from remote/inaccessible areas.
  • Survey/Assessment of disaster stricken areas.
  • Survey/Chemical-control by aerial spraying of pests causing damage to food crops.



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