Helicopter Crop Spraying

BAC Helicopters and Agri-Sense International, leaders in mapping and the precision agriculture sector, have joined forces to establish Agri CropSpray, a highly professional aerial application service, specialised to meet the unique and individual needs of farmers.
Using the latest technology in Farm Mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to accurately map and determine field sizes for our clients, we can provide farmers with the assurance that they will get exactly what is specified on the chemical label, calibrated correctly for each field. Our custom-built farm management system enables farmers to effectively order spraying on a field by field basis from either their computer or mobile device without the need to flag fields.






Agri CropSpray integrates new technologies with wisdom and experience to provide a holistic solution to unique challenges of farming in the region.

BAC provides its aviation expertise and solid operational and technical support for the helicopter, crew and equipment. With a strong safety culture and in-house maintenance facility, BAC is geared for best quality service, professionalism and compliance in all aspects of the aerial application operation.
Our head pilot, Roger Shone, is one of the most experienced and highly regarded crop spraying pilots in the industry with in-depth knowledge gained from years of the farming in KZN.




Good mapping lays the foundation for precision farming, so we use Agri-Sense to provide highly accurate 3D maps to ensure we apply the correct amount of chemical for the field. Using 3D mapping in steep terrain such in KZN, we have found that field areas often differ between 15-20% than previously recorded on 2D maps.

2D Area = 1.6 ha                                                                  3D Area = 1.86 ha  15 % increase in size


Our helicopters are equipped with the latest TracMap precision guidance system and Simplex Spay units to ensure accuracy of application and live reporting to our clients via the Agri-Sense Farm Management App.

Highly accurate field mapping and digitisation of field boundaries, makes the co-ordination of aerial spraying and other farming activities simple and easy. The Agri-Sense Farm Management App also is a powerful Management system with several key features designed specifically for the KZN sugar industry.

• Access and create Field Record from anywhere on any device
• Harvest Programs and Yield Estimate functions make planning simple efficient
• Live reporting of crop spraying progress and quality reports as they happen.
• Create Tasks and Scouting Reports
• Track and see locations of other app users on your farm
• Measure areas
• View multiple map overlays and access satellite crop health maps (NDVI)

Contact Agri CropSpray

→ MD : Tremayne Thompson
Cell : 083 778 2635
Email : [email protected]

→ Ops : Liesl Shone
Cell : 082 563 3510
Email : [email protected]

→ Chief Pilot : Roger Shone
Cell : 082 5629 277
Email : [email protected]

→ Pilot : Greg Strydom
Cell : 082 469 3939
Email : [email protected]

→ Flight Ops : Lucy Erasmus
Cell : +27 83 294 5004
Email : [email protected]

We are based in Umhlali
Imbonini Helistop
Unit 4 Barbet Rd
Imbonini Park
Shakas Head, KZN